Benefits of Using Sealers to Protect Your Sandstone Surfaces

A sandstone sealer is definitely just the thing you need if you plan on including sandstone masonry in your home. Not only would you be able to save up on maintenance; you will also be sure to preserve the natural beauty and freshness of your surfaces with sandstone.

Why should you protect your surfaces with sealers? To better understand the answer to this question, you would first need to know a few things about this type of stone.

Sandstones have been used in the construction industry for thousands of years and are, in fact, still being popular today. Although very beautiful to look at, it may require you to devote a lot of time maintaining it. the material is considered to be a very porous type of rock. It sports lots of tiny capillary skin pores through which different types of fluids and elements may pass at a rapid rate. When left uncared for, it would immediately lose its natural look and might even disintegrate as time passes. This is the reason why most people who have decided to include sandstones in their homes also considered purchasing a reliable sandstone sealer.

What are the advantages of using sealers?

  1. Lower Maintenance

Using sealers on sandstones helps in keeping maintenance at a minimum. Often times, whenever a person needs to initiate maintenance procedures on surfaces that are already coated with a sealer, all he has to do is to reapply the sealer again.

  1. Protection from Stains

Sandstones that are protected by a water-based sealer do not stain easily. No matter where the stain came from (food and drink spills, pet messes, soot from barbecue grills, etc.), the material is sure to be left without a mark as long as a sealer was used. Take note, however, that stains that were already present before the application of the sealer would not be removed even after the coating process.

  1. Enhances Natural Beauty

A sandstone surface or pavement can be a beautiful addition to any home, and a good way to prevent the stone’s appearance from aging quickly is to preserve it with a sealer. It also helps to prevent weeds, molds, and mildews from growing at a rapid rate. It helps keep the sandstone looking good as new and can even protect the stone from the harsh heat of the sun.

Using a water-based or impregnable sandstone sealer for sandstone surfaces might mean you would have to spend some extra money at first, but in the end, you will discover that using sealers for your stone surfaces eliminates the need for frequent maintenance procedures. This not only saves money, but saves you time and effort as well.

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