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Enhancer / Deluxe / Premium Penetrating Sealer

Our Approach

At CSW Coatings we don’t get too creative when it comes to naming our products. We call our concrete sealer, “Concrete Sealer”, our paving sealer “Paving Sealer” and so on! This same simple approach is also adopted for our penetrating sealer options. In a nutshell we have a Deluxe range and Premium range as well as our Enhancer penetrating sealer. We then simply take this a step further and name our water based products WB, and our solvent based products SB.


Enhancer Deluxe Premium
Moisture &
Oily Stain Protection
Moisture &
Oily Stain Protection
Advanced Moisture &
Oily Stain Protection
Protects Against
and more
Expected Wear
Up To 6 Years Up To 6 Years Up To 15 Years
Solvent Based
Water Based Water Based
Solvent Based Water Based Water Based
Solvent Based Water Based Water Based
Solvent Based Water Based Water Based
Solvent Based Water Based Water Based
Solvent Based Water Based Water Based
Solvent Based Water Based
Solvent Based Water Based



Table Guide: Good Very Good Excellent


Why Offer 3 Types?

With sealer you really do get what you pay for. Each time an additional protective quality is added to the manufacturing end, it has a knock on effect to the price a consumer will ultimately pay! It is for this reason that CSW Coatings has attempted to cater to the consumers needs by not making you overpay for a “one size fits all” penetrating sealer. What we mean by this is:

Example 1… say you have a sandstone retaining wall and your main concern is to protect it against moisture attack. You probably aren’t the least bit interested in protecting against wine stains and the like. So in this particular example, why pay for the added stain protection?

Example 2… say you have an concrete patio that you frequently use as an entertainment area. Regularly, you invite guests over that unfortunately spill anything from coffee to wine. In this particular scenario you really are after complete protection. Your prepared to pay that little bit extra in order have peace of mind!


How Do They Work?

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